Tripp Street Soundworks
"Make All The Noise You Want"


   Making noise is what we're all about at Tripp Street Soundworks.  The kind of noise

   that gets people's attention.  Sound effects, dialog, narration, music... We love to design it,
   record it and mix it all together to
produce programming that has impact and style.

   We've probably kept you up at night with our noise.  For the past two decades our sound
   work has been
featured on Disney, The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, PBS, and in
   national television and radio
commercials for clients such as Hasbro,, Reebok
   and Food Network.

   So whether you're in the mood to whisper, or want to turn it up to "11", we can make sure
   you're heard too.  Give us a call to learn more.


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